Thursday, October 29, 2009

Well it's About Damn Time!

President Obama signed the 2010 Defense Appropriations bill that includes language expanding "Hate Crimes" to cover crimes motivated by a person's perceived sexual orientation or gender identity, as well as a person's disability. It took over 10 years to expand this law to cover GLBT or disabled people. That means that during the last 10 years, the religonistas, who fought so hard against this expansion of the "hate crimes" definition have had the "special rights" they've been so eager to prevent the Gay community from enjoying.

Well, although I am proud that this law has finally been passed, I am also somewhat sad and discouraged that over 230 years after our founding fathers created this nation's government on the declaration that all people are equal, that there are so many who STILL DON'T GET IT!

Hey everyone, ALL PEOPLE includes women, ALL PEOPLE includes those who are not Caucasian, ALL PEOPLE includes atheists, ALL PEOPLE includes followers of Krishna, Mohamed, Alla, Jehovah, Joseph Smith Jr., and yes, even L. Ron Hubbard. All People includes gays, lesbians, people who are transgendered, bisexual people, disabled people, retarded people, good people, bad people, loving people, bigoted people, agnostic people, fat people, skinny people, yellow people, brown people, red people, indigenous people, people with slanted eyes, hairy people, smooth people. Well you get the idea, or at least you should.

I am saddened that there is a need for such legislation, but I am happy that the need has finally been addressed.

Oh, by the way ALL PEOPLE also includes those who are not citizens of the United States! People are people damnit! If you believe anything about our Constitution and our Bill of Rights, then you can't in good conscience deny immigrants, illegal or not, of the same basic protections and freedoms that are their INALIENABLE right! So just get over it, we're not going to go broke because some people from Mexico occasionally require medical care, or want to send their children to our schools.

Yes, this country still has a ways to go!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Change of Focus

I have decided to change my blog's title and with it, the focus of what I want to use it to say. Generally, I will be highlighting society's injustices, hypocrisy, and double standards, especially as they affect the LGBT population.

Before you yawn and click away to the next blog, please give me a chance. I hope to offer an entertaining and enlightening perspective on the news, and news-makers and those wishing to make news. Some entries will be more serious than others, especially when I'm writing about something that makes me mad. Hopefully however I will find enough time to poke some fun at those of the "Moral Majority", RTCs (Real True Christians), "Focus on the Family", "American Family Association", "Republicans", and other hypocrites. And occasionally, I'll poke fun on the people on the left side of the political spectrum too, I am sure.

Please check out my latest couple of entries, and don't hesitate to leave feedback, for better or worse!

Thank you!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Letter to a Disingenuous Law Professor

Professor Teresa Stanton Collett
University of St. Thomas School of Law
1000 LaSalle Avenue, MSL 400
Minneapolis, MN 55403-2015

October 22, 2009

Dear Ms. Collett,

I am writing to you in reference to a Panel Discussion you spoke at on "California Same-sex Marriage: The Impact on Religious Liberty" that took place July 10, 2008 hosted by the Family Research Council. I know that was over a year ago, but I only recently started looking into the arguments that those against same-sex marriage are wielding. I am very concerned with the data you used during your time speaking, concerned enough to seek clarification from you. I am using a video recording of the event hosted on the FRC's website at the following URL:

While making the argument that the Goodrich Opinion impacts one's religious liberty, you bring up the David Parker case. Specifically, you state that Mr. Parker went to his child's school to request that his child be exempted from classroom instruction on the "definition of family". You go on to explain that the Principal of the school had been instructed from the Superintendent of the school district that no children would be excluded from the curriculum. Then you state that when Mr. Parker objected, that the school officials called the Police, and that Mr. Parker was arrested, and taken to jail. All of that "appears" to be consistent with the facts of the case.

What really concerns me though, are the facts that you omitted about why Mr. Parker was arrested, and later charged by the District Attorney. You had to know that when Mr. Parker's request to exempt his son from the curriculum was denied, that Mr. Parker refused to leave the school. That the reason the Principal called the Police was he needed for Mr. Parker to vacate the school so that it could be closed and secured for the night and Mr. Parker was refusing to leave. You had to know that Mr. Parker was arrested for trespassing.

Because you did not truthfully state the facts of this case, you allowed your audience to assume that Mr. Parker was arrested due to his religious convictions, and that the District Attorney went on to prosecute Mr. Parker for believing that gay marriage is wrong.

I realize that the entire so called "defense of marriage" movement has been quick to exploit Mr. Parker's stunt, but when a whole lot of people lie, it does not make it any more right.

Ms. Collett, do you believe that your misrepresentation of the Parker case during that panel discussion is in any way justified? Do you believe that lying to people in order to persuade them that their beliefs are being persecuted is helpful in any way to any one?

How can you teach classes on ethics or responsibility, and then lie, in public, at a recorded, professional, "expert" panel discussion?

Your actions hurt your credibility and the University of St. Thomas.

Please feel free to explain your point of view if you disagree with my characterization.


George Bingham

Friday, October 16, 2009

Another Letter to the AFA

Hello AFA,

Please think about the consequences of obtaining donations from people who believe the lies you are spreading about the "Hate Crimes" legislation. You all know fully well that you will be able to continue to spread your hatred of those who don't share your belief system even if the Hate Crimes legislation is expanded to cover crimes against people because of their sexual orientation.

You also know fully well that there will not be a class of people with new "special rights". The only class of people who's rights will be affected are those who's violent acts of hatred - often inspired by religious fervor - have been tolerated by police and prosecutors who turn a blind eye when the victim is seen as an effeminate male or butch female.

Even as you collect your ill gotten gains from your "believers", society will continue to advance towards a day when ALL people will be respected under the law, and ALL people will be able to seek justice against those who harm them, and ALL people will be able to freely live, love and pursue happiness! Meanwhile the profit that comes from these lies you intentionally spread will poison your efforts turn the tide your way and with every generation, fewer and fewer people will fall for your indoctrination!


George Bingham

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Evil in the AFA

My Representatives in Congress:

You may be receiving letters from constituents that were written by the American Family Association urging you to call for Kevin Jennings' resignation as the Department of Education's "Safe and Drug Free Schools" czar.

I truly hope you can see the evil between the lines in the letters the AFA has written.

Their first complaint about Kevin Jennings is that he founded an organization dedicated to stop violence against gay and lesbian students in the schools. Apparently, the AFA supports violence against gay students.

The AFA would rather continue thinking of Gays as second class citizens who should not be protected from persecution, violence, or disease. Instead, they would prefer that public school students are preached messages of chastity and abstinence, and that they not learn how to protect themselves from pregnancy or disease. The AFA would also prefer to continue their tacit approval of emotionally ridiculing young people who identify as GLBT (or are percieved to be GLBT) by sending them messages of hate.

I believe that Kevin Jennings is a brave choice for a "Safe and Drug Free Schools" czar, and I hope that you will give him all of your support! Everyone who has already grown up can see how difficult it can be for teenagers nowadays. Please empathize with those teens that find themselves aware of their GLBT feelings, which as you can imagine would be a scary thing for most kids to confront - especially publicly in a school setting. Think about that, and think about what it would be like for one of your children to be confronting feelings like that during their junior high or high school years. Wouldn't you want someone who has been through those experiences working on behalf of all students to promote peace and understanding?

Thank you for reading this letter!


George Bingham
Kansas City, MO