Friday, October 16, 2009

Another Letter to the AFA

Hello AFA,

Please think about the consequences of obtaining donations from people who believe the lies you are spreading about the "Hate Crimes" legislation. You all know fully well that you will be able to continue to spread your hatred of those who don't share your belief system even if the Hate Crimes legislation is expanded to cover crimes against people because of their sexual orientation.

You also know fully well that there will not be a class of people with new "special rights". The only class of people who's rights will be affected are those who's violent acts of hatred - often inspired by religious fervor - have been tolerated by police and prosecutors who turn a blind eye when the victim is seen as an effeminate male or butch female.

Even as you collect your ill gotten gains from your "believers", society will continue to advance towards a day when ALL people will be respected under the law, and ALL people will be able to seek justice against those who harm them, and ALL people will be able to freely live, love and pursue happiness! Meanwhile the profit that comes from these lies you intentionally spread will poison your efforts turn the tide your way and with every generation, fewer and fewer people will fall for your indoctrination!


George Bingham

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