Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Change of Focus

I have decided to change my blog's title and with it, the focus of what I want to use it to say. Generally, I will be highlighting society's injustices, hypocrisy, and double standards, especially as they affect the LGBT population.

Before you yawn and click away to the next blog, please give me a chance. I hope to offer an entertaining and enlightening perspective on the news, and news-makers and those wishing to make news. Some entries will be more serious than others, especially when I'm writing about something that makes me mad. Hopefully however I will find enough time to poke some fun at those of the "Moral Majority", RTCs (Real True Christians), "Focus on the Family", "American Family Association", "Republicans", and other hypocrites. And occasionally, I'll poke fun on the people on the left side of the political spectrum too, I am sure.

Please check out my latest couple of entries, and don't hesitate to leave feedback, for better or worse!

Thank you!

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