Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Diet Controversy

I'm listening to a radio show where the host has a guest who is a Dr. and a nutritionist. He is advocating a Vegan diet. The doctor is citing study after study that talk about people on a vegan diet having lower incidence of heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. Its pretty much common sense, right?

Well, the host is being a *dick*! He challenges the guest on every statement he makes and is being very pedantic about every generalization the Doctor uses to make a point. The host will mention "some guy" that he's "heard about" who is in their 80s and a life long smoker and drinker and beef eater and saying therefore that the Doctor must be full of $hI+. It's really very irritating!

The host is not usually like that. It makes me wonder if he's just in a bad mood or did this Dr. guy do or say something to offend him somehow.

The other reason I find this irritating is that a lot of the shows callers will say things like "my grandparent ate beef, smoked and drank and ate bacon and was not fat and lived into his 90s and died in his sleep" and then going on to say that simply because that one person didn't die of heart disease then therefore those habits don't have anything to do with heart disease.

What is going on? Do people not understand generalities any more? Did they never learn anything about science, or statistics? Would you really reject the truth of some general statement just because you can think of one example that doesn't fit?

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